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New as of August 3, 2020
08/03/2020 New YouTube video up Lightning and Golden Trout!

Probably won't be a written Chronicle on this.
07/08/2020 2020 Backpacking Chronicle is here!!!!

YouTube videos will be up on July 18th and viewed via the playlist or following links at the end of Day 1.

07/04/2020 2020 Backpacking Chronicle is coming soon!

Until then, new YouTube Vids are up:

The Quarantine Chronicles

Exploring the Coast

01/21/2020 First Chronicle of 2020 is last year's Emigrant Trip
01/7/2020 Hi Folks!

I'm back! My PC has been down since mid summer and I've finally built myself a new one! New content is on the way.

I have been adding content to my YouTube channel. I prefer Chronicles myself but my wife convinced me to start making video. So I have! Most of last years trips can be found here: 2019 Fishing

For those of you who sponsored the school in Nepal. Thank you for your support. I hope you've been getting update emails. I've posted a full recap on the donation page if you have not. Thanks again!

01/26/19 Hi Folks!

I usually don't do this but I need some support.

My wife and I are teaming up with buildOn to raise money to build a school in Nepal. We're paying our own way but we need to raise money for building materials. Once there, we'll live with a host family and team up with the community to build a school and a couple of latrines.

If you've enjoyed the site the last 21 years and have a couple of shekels to spare, please consider donating to this cause:



01/12/19 Welcome to the 21st year of HCFF. While you are waiting for new chronicles, please enjoy video of my Emigrant Trip last year:

Fishing the Emigrant Wilderness 2018

All the videos are HD. Be sure to select 1080p

07/16/18 My early season trip to Conness Lakes.
07/07/18 I'm behind in my writing but my wife's convinced me to do videos. I'm not giving up on the Chronicles though and hopefully the videos will help me maintain clarity and accuracy.

I made a failed attempt at Conness Lakes......

06/23/18 I never did go back and rewrite that Chronicle. Here's the 2018 Mammoth Lakes Chronicle to distract you. (Apparently I never did a 2017. I hope to fish and post more this year and maybe I can find my old Chronicle voice. )


01/31/18 WOW. The Chronicles I wrote over the weekend are pretty poorly written. Read them if you must, I've kept them up, or come back next week for some better writing.


01/29/18 Last year's Backpacking trip to Cottonwood Lakes. It's probably needs another round of proof reading..... as always.......
01/28/18 Trying to catch up on my Chronicles, starting with the first Chronicle of 2017, Back to Butterball Creek.

A short trip to Camp Lake.


07/16/17 Welcome to 19 years of Chronicles....unfortunately, I'm still chronicling year 18...... 6 Days in the Emigrant 2016 version.

I've had quite the interesting last 9 months. Opening Day, Mammoth Lakes, even a July 2017 backpacking trip all happened. I'm working to bring the High Country Chronicles up to date.


06/28/16 Welcome to the 18th year of the High Country Chronicles! I'm getting a slow start this year. What started out as a fitness update for the "other" page, turned into a trip report of sorts on Mammoth Lakes 2016!


09/28/15 Colorado Cutthroat Trout in California!


09/25/15 I did absolutely no fishing in August but got out over labor day. Here's the first trip, a Fastpack and Fish trip to Vogelsang.


07/19/15 I've been trying to work on my Astraphobia this year but in the end I was foiled in the Emigrant again..... I then made to 200 or so mile drive to Cottonwood Lakes to day trip into Lake 1.


06/29/15 The first Fastpack and Fish trip is in the books! Rosasco and Numbered lakes in the Emigrant.
06/02/15 It's Mammoth time!
05/21/15 It's June in April in the Emigrant. A long awaited return to Camp Lake.
11/18/2014 Here are some chronicles from September and October. I've been holding on to some stuff and some stuff I've just written. My memory is not as good as it used to be so the narratives may be a bit lacking. The usual disclosures about proof reading apply. I'm pretty bleary eyed right now. I'm sure I've not caught all the errors.


5 Days in the Sierra:

Hoover Wilderness Wind


07/16/2014 5 Days in the Emigrant- Bears, bad weather and the giant Stimulator Fly.


06/17/2014 This year's Mammoth Lakes Trip.


06/12/2014 New Chronicles coming soon!

In the meantime, I've started a Facebook page for all the stuff around fishing the mountains- gear, fitness, etc.. The Chronicles will stay on this site but as you can see, I've not updated the resources or Gallery in years and it's easier to do on Facebook. The Facebook page will in no way be a substitute for this site and this is the last time you'll read about it here.

So if you're FB inclined, you can find me here: https://www.facebook.com/highcountryflyfisher


09/10/2013 Spent Labor Day looking for my net....
09/07/2013 This year's Mammoth Lakes Trip.


08/15/2013 A little late getting going this year.

I'm afraid it's going to be an inauspicious 15th year here at High Country Fly Fisher.com. Here's a quick day hike into the Hoover Wilderness.....


09/01/2012 I lost my net on this trip but it was worth it to catch some Paiute Trout!
07/08/2012 A little hastily put together but some long over due chronicles:

Hot Creek and Ansel Adams Wilderness

Camp and Bear Lakes

Overnighter in the Emigrant


05/12/2012 Back on the High Sierra fishing scene! Starting chronicles year number 14 with a pleasant trip to Butterball Creek.
09/02/2011 Finally getting around to posting two short trips from August. One to Kennedy Lake and another to a trophy Golden Trout lake that gets named everywhere but here......


07/30/2011 Hi Folks, the High Country Chronicles are going to be far and few between this year as I look for a job to finance our little habit. I'll still get out but not as often. Simply put, time I'm fishing is time I'm not looking for a job. With any luck, I'll find something fast and have some free time to backpack.

I did manage a post opener day trip to Cottonwood Lakes.

Also managed to do some work on the links page. Specifically, I've added two great backpacking resources:





A pleasant surprise in Yosemite.


The Montana Boys are back!

...and they ain't telling you where they are...

12/20/2010- The Season in Review (WMV or MP4)
10/16/2010- What do you know.....I actually do update this site....and even fish..... A snowy trip to the wilderness.


08/22/2010- Storms and Huge Trout in Montana. Backpacking into the Land of the Great Bear....


08/7/2010- "What's New?" is looking pretty bare. Guess that happens when I take longer trips. Did 8 Days in the Emigrant last week.


07/8/2010- Wow- Two updates in one week..... must be high country season.....Golden Trout Opener

Uploaded a new Rant


07/6/2010- A trip to Hilton Lake #5


06/8/2010- Ye Ole Trip to Mammoth Lakes


05/10/2010- The season has started in earnest. Butterball Creek 2010


05/06/2010- It's been 6 months but I've finally made it back to the mountains. Here's an early season Yosemite trip.


03/16/2010- Just finished last year's last trip report. It's long and mostly about my car.......

I probably don't have all the bugs out either. So what else is new......


09/27/2009- The high country season has pretty ended for me. Maybe i'll get a late trip into the Emigrant. Here's the second annual end of season video recap. This one's long...... 2009 High Country Season.


09/01/2009-  Found some great new water in the Tioga Pass area.
08/15/2009-  A short trip into the Emigrant Wilderness
08/14/2009-  A short trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness
07/27/2009-  I'm starting to catch up with the backlog. Here's another Eastern Stream trip.
07/26/2009-  A trip to a Lahontan Cutthroat stream.
07/24/2009-  Updated the Fish Gallery from recent trips.
07/07/2009- A quick trip back east to fish Dunbar Creek.
07/04/2009- Went to a giant Golden Trout lake and only caught Cutts.
05/31/2009- Back from Mammoth.
05/16/2009- Butterball and Black. New fish on Butterball Creek.
04/27/2009- Opening day in Californ-eye-ay
04/02/2009- I'm slowly getting into the groove of things. Kistler Ranch / Lower Stan
04/01/2009- The regular season is less than 30 days away. I've updated the local gallery with a bass trip.
01/03/2009- Happy New Year! I came across some unfinished video and decided to put it to music. It's pretty rough but something to cure the winter doldrums. It was from last opening day.
11/2/2008 - It looks like I'll only make one trip to the Upper Sac this year. Here it is.

9/28/2008 -

Golden Trout Wilderness trip.


9/12/2008 -


I hit the Cottonwood Lakes area but haven't written about it yet. I did work on a video review of this summers trips - A High Country Summer

8/26/2008 -

My trip this weekend to Burgson Lake.


8/25/2008 -

My computer crashed and I had to order a new one. I won't have it for a few weeks but I'll do my best to update the site. I've posted a recent trip to Mammoth Lakes. The proof reading is probably a little worse than usual......


7/21/2008 -

My last two trips have been a bust. On one we tried a dubious cross country route and did nothing butt battle manzanita and steep terrain for 4 hours. The other I suffered heat exhaustion, ending my planned solo 8 day trek in the Emigrant Wilderness. I posted some nice pictures though: Stream Gallery, Mountain Gallery.


6/28/2008 -

Updated with site with last weekend's Hilton Lakes trip.

6/24/2008 -

Updated the photo gallery with this weekends trip: Fish, Mountains, Stream

6/05/2008 -

Posted a slide show movie of the Mammoth trip.

6/04/2008 -

Posted a report from the annual Mammoth Lakes trip.

6/02/2008 -

I'm back from the annual Mammoth Lakes trip. We spent our entire week on Hot Creek Ranch. No report yet but I've posted pictures in the galleries: Fish, Stream, Mountains

04/30/08 -

Finally, opening day has arrived. Saturday was Butterball Creek (no pictures and no fish) and Sunday a Kern River Rainbow stream I've named Plan C Creek.

03/30/08 -

I've been doing some warm water fishing. I fished in Redding two weeks ago and Kistler Ranch this weekend.

Updated the Warm Water and Local Gallery.

01/31/08 -

I've add to the rod making process.

12/05/07 -

I've posted several long over due trips:

11/03/07 -

I've started documenting my rod making process. It's nothing earth shattering but it is "new" to the site.

10/18/07 -

Finally got around to posting the Upper Sac trip and posted a short write up for last weekend's Stan trip.

10/12/07 -

I've got a hold of some of the DFG Angler's Guides and have posted them here.

Posted some pics from last weekends Upper Sac trip on the Fish Gallery, Mountain and Stream Galleries.

08/28/07 -

Mystery Creek is high and full of fish: Mystery Creek.

08/08/07 -

I got a video camera for my birthday last year and I've finally had a chance to give it try. Here's my first video: 20 Lakes Basin Trip

07/21/07 -

Just came back from catching native Brook Trout in Shenandoah National Park. Also fished Dunbar Creek and updated the gallery pages.

07/2/07 -

It's been a while since I've fished the 20 Lakes Basin proper. Here's a report.

06/27/07 -

Updated the galleries- Fish, Mountain, Stream with photos from last weekend's trip.

06/05/07 -


I'm constantly proof reading the site. It's a good thing too because I can rarely catch mistakes while the chronicle is fresh in my head. I tend to read what I'm thinking and not what I've actually written. Therefore, I've reposted yesterday's trip report. It was pretty bad. Probably still is but at least it's a little better today.

Also updated the galleries- Fish, Mountain, Stream

06/04/07 -


It's that time of year again. We're back from Mammoth! Photos will be posted in the galleries later in the week.

05/14/07 -


Fished a new fork of Butterball Creek.

05/08/07 -


Let the high country season begin!

05/06/07 -


Posted some photos of a local trip on a new Local and Warm Water Gallery. Not high country stuff but definitely "From the Pish Page" material.

Posted some Yosemite photos from this weekend- Fish and Stream.


04/02/07 -


I'm planning to do more local warm water fishing this year. I got out last weekend on a private bass pond.


12/23/06 -


Fixed the site navigation as promised. I think I got everything......


11/06/06 -


Added pictures to each of the Galleries- Fish, Mountain, Stream and Rod.


10/18/06 -


Posted a report about backpacking into the Desolation Wilderness.


10/12/06 -


Posted a report about backpacking into Tehipite Valley, Kings Canyon.


09/18/06 -


Had a great time this weekend fishing Mystery Creek.


09/13/06 -


I finally got around to writing a trip report for my trip to PA (Dunbar Creek) and my recent quest for Paiute trout. Labor Day weekend I took my sister to Yosemite and taught her to fish. No report for that other than to say fishing on the Dana Fork has slowed a bit.


08/14/06 -


This weekend's report to the Tioga - Shepard Area. Not so long or as last week and better fishing.

08/10/06 -


This weekend's report to the Tioga - Shepard Area. Warning, it's long.......

08/08/06 -


I've posted pictures in the galleries from this weeks trip- Fish, Streams, Mountains

I haven't written a report yet.

07/22/06 -


I've done some work on the galleries.

07/17/06 -

I managed a short day trip to Yosemite this weekend, a place called the Miwok called Tululawiak.

07/04/06 -

There's nothing much going on right now. I've had to cancel a few trips due to closed trailheads or illness. On a bright note, I did get my Heritage Trout Cert.

06/25/06 -

Added Brook Trout and Cutthroat Trout to the High Country Fish portion of the site.

If you come in through the main page of the site, you'll see that I've added my email address in an easy to view area. More and more I'm finding people on the 'net using my photos and eventhough the email information is readily available for anyone who does a "whois" search, I want to make sure folks know where to go to get permission to use the photos before they do so.

I've also done some navigation work.

06/05/06 -

Did some work on the Fish and Mountain Galleries.

06/04/06 -

Just got back from Mammoth.

05/27/06 -

I've added a trip to the mountains outside LA. I've asked my friend if I'm giving any thing away. He hasn't replied so read it while you can.

05/25/06 -

I've added a late opening day trip to Yosemite and made small changes to the Fish Gallery.

05/13/06 -

I've got about 3 fishing reports to write up but until then, I've added some pics to the fish gallery.

Recently I've had a couple of requests for folks to use my photos. Page 16 or 17 of the current issue of Southwest Fly Fishing magazine has a picture from the Redband trip and an environmental group has asked to use an LKG picture. In the past, I've intentionally obscured my email address on the site. It's on the for sale page but no where else. Or at least no where that I can remember. It's pretty hard to find and I appreciate that folks have been able to hunt it down and ask for permission to use the pictures.

I promise to fix the site navigation this year.


10/20/05 -

Posted a this year's last high country trip.

09/29/05 -

Posted a Golden Trout trip. Started to finally update the "fish" portion of the site.

09/11/05 -

Posted a Redband Trout trip.

09/05/05 -

Posted an Ansel Adams Wilderness Trip. Posted some pictures from this weekends Redband Trout Quest (Heritage Trout Challenge).

08/17/05 -

Posted a Lahonton Cutt trip.

07/08/05 -

Posted a Cottonwood Lakes trip.

06/29/05 -

Posted a Mystery Creek trip.

06/15/05 -

I've worked a little on the old site chronicles.

06/05/05 -

I've posted a trip report for our annual Mammoth Trip.

05/14/05 -

I've posted trip reports for Mystery Creek and the Rio Cebola. I must have been in a crusty place while writing the last report, it has signs of a rant coming on.

05/03/05 -

The Season has started. I've posted an Opening Day report and updated the blog.

05/01/05 -

More site work. When I started the new site, one of the things I wanted to do differently was to include the pictures on the site in a gallery and not simply within each story. I've updated the fish and stream galleries with pictures.

I thought AOL finally got rid of the old site last week; but, it's still up. Can you believe it.

04/18/05 -

Wow. I took a good look at the site this weekend. I hadn't realized what a mess it is. I've started working to fix the link issues and I'll be adding the menu system soon.

03/13/05 -

Updated the blog and found a trip report from the very last CONFUSED fishing trip that never made the old site.

03/02/05 -

It's a little silly of me to update this page every time I update the rod blog, so I'm not. The blog will be updated regularly but this page won't reflect that.

02/28/05 -

Updated the blog and a gallery or two.

02/21/05 -


Updated the blog. Removed the background from this page. Added a gallery of shop and rod photos. Added new photo's to other galleries. Added photos to the Barrett Lake Trip

02/14/05 -

I've decided to post a rod shop blog. I know, I should be spending my time fixing the site...but....this is much easier.

10/23/04 -

Posted an Owens River Gorge Report.

I've created a for sale page for item's that I'm trying to sell, pre-ebay. The items will range from bamboo rods to packs.

Check out what's FOR SALE.

09/18/04 -


Menu's still aren't working fully. I've been pretty busy and have just completed my only fishing trip since mid July! It's a trip to Mystery Creek. I've posted a trip report.

06/22/04 -


I still haven't fixed the menus but I've added some new content. I've posted the first part of the Memorial Day trip.

05/27/04 -

I probably shouldn't have posted the new site until it was 100% ready but I did. I'm slowly getting things working.

I'm spending this week fishing and will spend some time fixing things when I get back.

05/15/04 -

This site is new! The old site had out lived its purpose and I felt something new was in order. If you are a fan of the old site, some of the old reports can be found in the chronicles section under "From the Pish Page". In addition, some of the high country tales come from the old site. Most of the resource information has been dropped with the exception of the links and fish mortality information.

This site is very much a work in progress.