Around town......

2009 Gallery

First Fish of 2009

Kistler Ranch Lake 3


Lone Ultimate 12






Something a little bigger.

Last Fish of the Day

2008 Gallery

My Ride.

Fighting the wind on Lafayette Res.


This trout was the biggest I've caught in 2 or 3 years. The opening of the net is 17 inches.

An afternoon at Kistler Ranch.


Lone tree on Kistler Lake #2


Typical Kister Bass

Kister has nice bluegill as well.

Somewhere in Redding, Ca.

Looks pretty Bassy.


2007 Gallery


Lafayette Reservoir


Looking for Bass on Opening Day of Trout Season & Catching Catfish

This isn't a trout!


Hanging out on Wilms Rd.



2006 Gallery

Kister Ranch Lake #1

First Fish of 2006.

First Crappie. Ever.

Tick infested Hidden Lake.


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