Catch of the day......


The First Fish of 2006- Kistler Ranch


Check out that water.

My First Crappie


First Stan fish of 2006. Better late than never. April 2006

Another Stan 'Bow



A wild Yosemite creek Brown Trout.

My first "SoCal Dink"

A better So Cal fish.

A Hot Creek Brown

Another Hot Creek Brown

From a very tiny creek.




Convict Creek 'Bow

A Convict Creek Brown


A Tululawiak Rainbow


Close Up


Another Yosemite Fish 

Fish and Rod Shot 

Stunted Brookie

A Dana Fork Brown

A Dana Fork Brook

A Dana Fork 'Bow


11 inch Brookie


Small Kamloops Rainbow

PA. Tiger Trout


Rainbow Trout / Golden Trout Hybrid



A San Joaquin Brown

Shane's big fish.

Dinner time.


Another Stan Fish

Typical Tehipite Valley Rainbow


Fish in the wilderness.

The elusive Tehipite Brown.

A dark desolation wilderness Brook Trout.


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