Welcome to the Mountains......

Pre- 2005

Looking out toward the White Mts.

View from the oldest forest in the world.

Looking out toward Mt. Whitney.

Continuing along the same range.

Another view toward Mt. Whitney.

Cottonwood Lakes- A fork in the road.

Muir Lake

Panoramic view from Cottonwood Lake #4

South Fork Lake


Huge Golden Trout are found here.

Pan sized Golden Trout are found here.


Mack Lake

Really tiny Brook Trout.

Entrance to the 20 Lakes Basin.


Conness #2

Greenstone Lake

Hidden Lake

Twin Lake

Barrett Lake

Top Lake

Looking for rare trout.

Pleasant Valley

Another view of Pleasant Valley, years later.

A peak and the moon



Barrett Jeep Trail.

The Desolation Wilderness 2003

Camp Lake 1999, with tons of fish.

Gino at Camp, 2000


Good times at Camp Lake.

The fish fry debacle.




Chad at Camp Lake, 2002. No more fish, plenty of MYLF.

Oregon 2001

Jim and Gino, last trip 2000.

Mt. Shasta in the fog


Jim and Gino, first trip, 2000.

Jim and Gino, first trip since 2000. Welcome back. 2004.

Mt. Shasta


Ready to fish the Pit.

The solo trip 2002.

Golden Trout Wilderness

Solo camp.

Solo dinner.

You get the picture.


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