March 14th, 2009 Kistler Ranch, Ca.

Time: 8:30 am - 5:00pm
Weather: Partly Cloudy
Water Temps: Cool
Water Level: Normal
Water Conditions: Clear
Insects Observed: Midges
Hours fished: ~8
# of fish caught:  ~ 6 or  bass
Method: Cast short, let fly drop on tight line until hit. Cast out, wait for rings to subside, start stripping.
Set Up: 8'0" Medium Action Cane Rod Payne 200 made by yours truly, 7ft 2x leader


I think this is the 3rd year in a row that my first fish has been caught at the Kistler Ranch Bass ponds. This yearís first fish was a smallish bass.

Vita dropped me off in early morning and helped me carry my Ultimate 12 to the water. I still donít really have the canoe/kayak hybrid dialed in but I am at a point now where Iím fairly comfortably standing up. I launched the boat and made a bee line to the fence on lake 3.

The fences on Kistler have always been good for a quick fish. I did catch a fish on the fence line but it wasnít the first or second cast action that it usually is. The water was still a bit cold and the fish and damsel flies werenít as active as Iíd hoped. The fish came slowly at first but seemed to get better later in the day.

I spent most of the day cruising around the 3rd lake. I dropped the boat about 4pm and fished the shoreline of lake 2. A lot of the guys were wearing waders and that seems to be a pretty good strategy for this lake. If you can wade out a few feet, you can get past the really shallow areas that donít hold fish and do a better job hitting the weed beds in 3 to 6 feet of water. The fish seem to like these areas.

The fish turned on in the evening and in the short time I fished from shore, I caught as many fish as I had all day- about a half dozen in total.


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