Bamboo Rods

Bamboo Fly Rod Page/Clarks Rods- Clark's always moving this site. If the link is broken, don't be surprised. Otherwise it's a great page for the beginning collector or fly fisher looking for Bamboo Rods at a reasonable price.

RodMakers- The source for internet rod building information. Lots of broken links but work a look.

Rod Building Forum- A source for rod building of all types.

Classic Fly Rod Forum- The clearing house for all things cane on the internet.

Linnea Rod Company- My buddy Erik's site. Erik has learned both fly fishing and rod making from the best. Few people have his understanding of both fly fishing and rod making. That insight is apparent in the rods he builds.

James Reams Bamboo Fly Rods- Jim was called the "the best, least known bamboo fly rod builder" by  the fishing blog Trout Underground. It's hard to argue with that statement. Jim's up there with the best.

Langer & Langer- Some innovative bamboo guys in Austria.


Trout Unlimited Golden Trout Program- A brief page that runs the gamut. Conservation, fishing, history, guides.

North Bay Chapter of Trout Unlimited- A busy group. A must for fishing conservationists.

Cal Trout- If you live in California and are a member of TU, you need to join Cal Trout. Unlike TU, Cal Trout $'s stay in California. (Or at least that's my understanding.)

California Highway Condition - The Cal Trans site. Hey, if you fish the Eastern Sierra in the Spring, this site is a must. Remember, slow for the cone zone.

California Department of Fish and Game - This site's really come a long way. A very good site.

Western Native Trout Initiative - A group interested in protecting western native trout from the Apache Trout to the Westslope Cutt.

Fishing Links

Small Stream Fly Fishing- All sorts of info regarding....small stream fly fishing.

Dunbar Creek- A site about the restoration of the infamous Dunbar Creek.

Shasta- Trinity Rivers-  A great site for fishing Northern California.

Golden Trout- A brief history and some great pictures.

Backpacking the GTW- The site may open in a frame and the music is annoying but any site with backpacking and Golden Trout can't be all bad. That 16" trout belongs in the water though.

Pishing with Mike- Now that he's married he doesn't Pish anymore. But once upon a time Mike wrote a fictionalized story about one of our trips. Guess who Jack is.

More Pishing with Mike- Mike's a pretty good story teller. Here's another.

HWY A great site for the inquisitive angler.

Fishing for Native Trout- A fellow native trout fisher.

Native Trout Fishing- The name says it all. A guy with a goal of catching every native trout in their native streams.


Backpack the Sierra - A great resource for the backpacker of angling and non-angling inclination.

High Sierra Topix - Another great resource site for pretty much anything sierra outdoor sport related. The fishing forum is visited by folks who've been doing the high country fishing thing far longer than I.

Gear Links

Cabela's- Discount fishing gear! (What are you still reading this for? GO NOW!)

House of Hardy- Great bags and bamboo rods. What more could you ask for?

John Chapman- Hardy type bags at half the price.

Brady Fishing Bags- Check out the Conway Combination.

REI for hiking, camping, climbing, backpackin... - You get the picture.

Wilderness Angler- A source for wilderness specific fishing gear.


National Parks and Forests

Fishing the Sierra National Forest- A lot of potential here.

Yosemite- The park's site.

Stanislaus National Forest- A great site which includes the history and maps of the Stan National Forest. This forest includes, among other places, the Emigrant Wilderness.


Other Outdoor Links

California Weather- I check this site each time I go fishing.