In the shop ......

Bench number 1.

Bench Number 2.

Both benches. Note the car door.

Homemade planing form.

Storage inside the shop.



Starting a split using the Hida splitter.




Darkly flamed culm.



Mini- Garrison binder


Unfinished bench 2 with golok.


My rod wrapper.

Glued rods.

During final planing.

The planes-
2 Stanley 91/2
1 Stanley 16
1 Stanley 18

Steaming for node prep.

My shop mate.

Unsuccessful straightening device.

Dipping device.

 The rods.....

First fish with Rod #1

I love Martin reels.

Piute-rainbow hybrid

Soon to become rod #1

The chosen splines.


Rod # 2


Rod #3

A four-sided rod I built using another makers blank.

Creel and Rod



Rods 4, 5 and 6 in the drier.

Rod #4

Rod #4 First Fish.

Rods 4 and 5.

Close Up.

Butt shot.

Rod #7

Rod 7 close up

Rod #7 as delivered.



Rod #6 finally wrapped.


Rods 2, 5 and 6 reunited.

Rod #8

Wrapping rod #9

Rod 9 drying in dipping box.

Rod 10

Rods 11 & 12.


Rod 12 in Drying Box

Rod 12 on it's first day fishing. 15 inches of Sierra rainbow.



Rod #13 on the Dana Fork.

Rod #13 and the Brady Conway Combination.



Rod #9 and a big fish.

Rod # 9's not so bad after all.


Some cool photos of rod # 5 by Gino Zahnd.

Rod 14

Tough love.

Rod 15

Rod 15 and first wild, native brook trout.


Rod 16 Made in 2007
Pre varnish overcoat

Post varnish overcoat


Final Pictures of rod16 before shipping.




Playing with shadows- rod 16.

Cross section of the original butt and grip for rod 17.

Rod 17. Wrapping the guides.

Finished Rod.
17 G

Rod 18H

Rod 19