Welcome to the Mountains......


Erik and Me on Hot Creek Ranch.

Rod Maker Erik Peterson





Davis Lake

Hilton Lake #3

Here comes the storm.

Donnell Reservoir

Chad blazing a trail through manzanita. It took 2hrs to go 1 mile....

Me. Before the hike of death. I hiked for 5 hours and suffered heat exhaustion. It only took 2.5 hours to get back.

Relief Reservoir. No relief for me. I was on the peak on the far left when I decided to head back to the trail head.

My bivy rock. I couldn't quite make the trailhead and found this rock at about 9:30pm.Comfy.

Skelton Lake

Home of the Giant Brookies?


Arrowhead Lake

Looking toward Mt. Diablo and Mt. Dana

Horse Meadow

The backside of Mt. Dana

Welcome to the wilderness.

Mt. Diablo

A new golden trout lake.

The Mono Basin.

Donnell Lake

Blazing a trail through manzanita.

The Dardanelles, Emigrant Wilderness and Donnell Lake

Dardanelle Cone

Donnell Lake

Burgson Lake

Beautiful and likely fishless.

Floating tarn.

Welcome to the Golden Trout Wilderness

Old Shelter

South Fork Cottonwood Creek.

South Fork Lake

Sunset over the Minarets.


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