Catch of the day......



The Big One.



The Big One's little brother.

Mike's first golden.

The rarest trout in the world- Piute Cutthroat

Fishing the Sierras is some times like fishing on the moon.

From here...

To here....

First fish on a rod that I made, with a fly that I tied.

A nice Lahonton.


Those are some spots!



So are these. Hybrid Golden.




It only took 12 years but I finally get a picture with a  fish on my home water.

Why is this man smiling?


Harvesting Mystery Creek. Put and Take fishing at it's finest.


Marlo at Mystery. (That's a typical fish for him.)

A typical fish for me.


Josh's first time at Mystery.


What's not to love about fly fishing?


The money fish.

First fish on a new rod.


Stocker brown. Dunbar Creek 2004.


Can you find the fish?

Before the fall.....

Silver phase of the Golden Trout?

Different fish, same lake.




A well camouflaged fish. Check out that bottom.

Fish with new rod.

Tiny Golden.

Gino and small golden.

Rising fish.

Golden Rainbow hybrid.

Small San Juan 'bow.

Yosemite Trout.

My favorite kind of fishing.


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