Nov, 13 2005 Upper Sac

Time: Saturday 10:30am - 12:00pm , 1:00 - 4:00am
Weather: Sunny and Clear
Water Temps: Cold.
Water Level: Low
Water Conditions: Clear
Insects Observed: Very Small, bright colored Green Rock worms, October Caddis, Rusty Spinners, BWO
Hours fished: 4.5
# of fish caught: 2 landed out of 16
Method: Short Line and upstream Nymphing. Dry fly quartering across down stream.
Set Up: 8ft 3inch Medium action bamboo rod made by moi. Rio 9ft 5x leader.  Split shot as needed 6-8 inches above first fly, on two fly rig or Dry and dropper rig.



Thus endeth the Season. Saturday was most likely my last fishing trip of the season. Maybe I'll try some local fishing but I doubt it. I'm already thinking about next season, tying flies and re-organizing my fly box.


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